you have a pxt from 64xxxxxx98

you have a pxt from 64xxxxxx98
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  1.                                                                     You've received either a PXT or video PXT. To view your PXT            simply open the attached files, each item will be attached separately.            For example, if you have received a PXT containing a picture and            a text message you will have two files attached.            If your message is a PXT in most cases any media player            should be able to open it. If you've received a video PXT            (this will have the ending ".3gp"),            or if you have received a sound or image file ending in .amr, .wbmp, .iMelody, or .gif            you will need to install a special media player to play it.            In the case of .3gp, .amr or .gif files you can download QuickTime free of charge,            which is compatible with both PC and Mac computers.                                                                                                            Visit PXT World to find out all                  about PXT and create awesome picture              messages!                  

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